The 7th China New Energy International Forum

The 7th China New Energy International Forum & The 3rd China New Energy Exhibition

“New Energy-Consolidation and Innovation”

June 14-15, Beijing Exhibition Center, China

Organizing Committee (draft)

Authority: All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Organizer: China New Energy Chamber of Commerce


China Electricity Council

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products

Chinese Renewable Energy Society

China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufactures

Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association

China PV Industry Alliance

National Renewable Energy Center

 28 Industrial Organizations of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Local Federations of Industry and Commerce

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Embassy of South Africa in China

Embassy of Israel in China

Embassy of Poland in China

Embassy of Peru in China

European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)

Australia Council of Solar (ACS)

Confederation of Indian Industry

New Energy Development Organization (NEDO)

Media Partners

Xinhua News, China News Agency, Reuters, Bloomberg News, Interfax, CCTV, China Radio International, People’s Daily, Economic Observer, First Financial Daily, China Business Times, China Energy News, The China Electric Power News,, SINA, Tecent, Sohu,, Cleanenergy Pipeline, Ep Photovoltaik, Home Power, Energy, Photovoltaic Energy Industry Observer, Solar Energy, Shine, Wind Energy Industry Observer, Sun & Wind Energy, PV Magazine, Photon, Eco Business, Recharge


Forum Introduction

Because of the downturn of global economy, weak market and uninterrupted trade wars in 2012, the new energy industry faces the unprecedented challenges, which make us firmly believe that the era of industry consolidation is coming. Through consolidation, the resources distribution can be optimized and the utilization of resources will be more effective. Consequently, it becomes an inevitable path for the health development of new energy industry.

Based on this, China New Energy Chamber of Commerce is going to hold the 7th China New Energy International Forum and the 3rd China New Energy Exhibition on June 14-15 in Beijing Exhibition Center, China. The purpose of the Forum and Exhibition is to provide insiders with a platform for communication and display. CNECC is making its effort to gather together participants from governmental, academic, business, NGO and finance sectors to improve the level of the Forum and select the target visitors, buyers and partners for benefits of all exhibits.


Guests to be invited (draft)

  1. Huang Mengfu    Vice Chairman of CPPCC, Chairman of ACFIC
  2. Cheng Siwei,     Vice Chairman of National People’s Congress Committee in 9th and 10th sessions
  3. Cao Jianlin       Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology
  4. Yuan Si          Vice-director of Environment and Resources Protection Committee of NPC; Vice President of Tsinghua University
  5. Liu Qi            Vice Head of State Energy Administrative Department
  6. Huang Xiaoxiang  Vice Director of Parity Committee of ACFIC; Vice President of ACFIC
  7. Shi Dinghuan     Counselor of State Council, Director-general of Chinese Renewable Energy Society
  8. Xu Dingming      Counselor of State Council, Director of National Advisory Committee of Energy Experts; Vice Director-general of Chinese Renewable Energy Society
  9. Shi Yuanchun       Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

10.  Su Wei           Head of China’s Delegation of United Nations Climate Change Negotiations; Head of Climate Change Division of NDRC

11.  Li Jinghui         Head of Economic Construction Department of Ministry of Finance

12.  Zhou Xiaoyan    Ministry of Commerce’s Bureau of Fair Trade for Imports and Exports

13.  Song Lianchun     Director of National Climate Center of China Meteorological Administration

14.  Wang Bohua       Vice-inspector of electronic information department of ministry of industry and information; Secretary-general of China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance

15.  Liang junqiang     Vice Head of Science Promotion Development Center, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction

16.  Huang Shaozhong  Deputy Director of Price and Finance Dept. of State Electricity of Regulatory Commission

17.  Martin Green   “Father of Solar”; Professor of University of New South Wales

18.  Edward Clarence-Smith   United Nations Industrial Development Organization Representative Chair, Theme Group

19.  Steve Sawyer   Secretary-general of Global Wind Power Council

20.  Adnan Amin    Director General of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

21.  Dr. Murray Cameron  Vice President of European Photovoltaic Industry Association

22.  Ian Invine      Expert of European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

23.  Michael T. Eckhart  President of American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)

24.  Theodore Roosevelt IV, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Barclays Capital

25.  Stutelberg James G   Vice President of Hemlock

26.  Li Hejun            President of Hanergy Holding Group Co., Ltd.

27.  Zhang Zhengyu     President of Hi-Tech Wealth

28.  Xu Xinjian          President of Jiangsu Sunrain Solar Energy Co. Ltd.

29.  Gao Jifan           President of Trina Solar Limited

30.  Qiu Zhanwei        Vice President of Astronergy/Chint Group

31.  Liu Hanyuan        President of TONEWEI Group

32.  Sun Hengchao      President of Baota Petrochemical Group

33.  Xue Liming          President of Rayspower New Energy Co., Ltd.

34.  Shu Hua            Executive President of Poly

35.  Cai Zhifang         CEO of CEEG (Nanjing) Solar PV Co., Ltd.


Advisory Board

  1. Yan Luguang     Former head of Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS; Academician of CAS
  2. Li Junfeng      Director of National Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation Center
  3. Zhao Yuwen        Director of Photovoltaic Dept. of China Renewable Energy Society
  4. Shi Pengfei        Deputy Director of Wind Energy Professional Committee of Chinese Renewable Energy Society
  5. Luo Zhentao        General Secretary of Solar Energy Utilization professional Committee of China Rural Energy Association
  6. Yin Zhiqiang        Vice Head of Renewable Energy Professional Committee of China Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization; Professor of School of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University
  7. Wang Mengjie      Deputy Director of China Renewable Energy Society; Director of Biomass Energy Professional Committee of China Rural Energy Industry Association
  8. Wang Zhenmin     Senior Engineer Thermoelectric Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering
  9. Zheng Keyan       Head of Geothermal Professional Committee of China Energy Research Society

10.  Mao Zongqiang     Professor of School of Nuclear and New Energy Technology Research of Tsinghua University; Tutor of the Ph.D. students


The 7th China New Energy International Forum

Agenda (Draft)


Opening Ceremony and Main Forum

Main for Discussion

  1. How to speed up industry consolidation to meet a good future of new energy?
  2. The investment environment of new energy for emerging economies, and how Chinese companies join or enter into this market
  3. The trend of national trade friction and solutions

Professional Forums

Solar Photovoltaic Energy Forum

Main for discussion

  1. How solar PV industry finish transmitting “consolidation” to ”rebirth” rapidly
  2. How solar PV companies effectively deal with trade protection that foreign countries treat to us
  3. How to further develop distributed generation to solve the difficulty of gird connect
  4. How distributed generation applied in remote area without electricity
  5. How to solve the problems that BIPV meets

Solar Thermal Utilization Forum

Main for Discussion

  1. How solar heater companies build a win-win cooperation with real estate companies
  2. How solar heater companies go abroad and built their own global influence and brand effect
  3. The role that solar thermal projects plays in the urban household construction
  4. How solar heater companies and industry ones strength cooperation to realize energy saving and emission reduction


Wind Power Forum

Main for Discussion

  1. How small wind turbine companies stand out under the difficulty of gird connect
  2. How small wind turbine manufactures use their own advantages to expand market share
  3. How wind turbine manufactures open the new foreign markets
  4. How wind turbine avoid trade friction as well as protect their own interest with trade protection ways when they “go out”

Concentrated Solar Power Forum

Main for Discussion

  1. The progress and prospect of global solar thermal power generation
  2. The latest research development of central tower solar thermal technology
  3. The difficulties and solutions during the solar thermal power generation industrialization
  4. Case analysis on parabolic-trough power generation projects

Energy Storage Forum

Main for Discussion

Discuss the diversity and differences of energy storage deeply; solve the problems that restrict the development of energy storage materials chain and the difficulty of grid connect by inviting state grid companies and energy storage companies to exchange ideas

Biomass Energy Forum

Main for Discussion

The specific measures of reducing the power generation cost; how the biomass companies collect the materials; how the companies solve the “Three Rural Issues” during the process of energy saving and emission reduction

New Energy Finance and Investment Forum

Main for Discussion

Four main commercial banks and regional banks will be invited to dialogue with high-quality companies; the establishment of China New Energy Industry Investment Fund will be discussed with relevant organization, which will be uses to support the development of small and medium-sized new energy companies; how to expand financing channels to push industry development

New Energy Vehicles Forum

Main for Discussion

  1. The safety issues of running new energy vehicles
  2. The problems of over-high cost, high endurance mileage and short lifetimes
  3. The construction of charging stations and charging spots and spread issues
  4. How China national new energy vehicles transmit from demonstration to industrialization

New Energy Building Forum

Main for Discussion

Experts of building energy saving will be invited to dialogue with new energy manufacturers, probing into the possibility and prospects of combing new energy and buildings; Obstacles and bottleneck when combination will be discussion for solutions

New Energy and Industrial Energy Saving Forum

Main for Discussion

The application of new energy in industrial energy saving field; new energy companies, energy saving companies and project holders will discuss cooperation mode and profits mode, and push this new kind of mode through CNECC platform

Registration Fee for Forum

2900 RMB/person (includes forum material, lunch, etc.), accommodation transportation expense are not included.

CNECC chairman units will enjoy 2 free pass, director unit enjoy 1 free pass; member unit enjoy 50% discount.

Contact Information:

Tel: + 86 10 6310 7433/7499/0807

Fax: + 86 10 6310 7703

Sabrina SHI    Mob: +86 152 0168 4001  


Maggie WU    Mob: +86 150 0135 6781  


Sharon Wang   Mob: +86 139 1055 7360  


Sponsor/exhibitor contact

[javascript protected email address]

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