The 4th Annual Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit 2017

Transformations in the New Zealand Public Service have unlocked new and exciting pathways and opportunities for emerging talent to make their mark, and for established leaders to hone their skills. Recent years have seen traditional command and control hierarchies disrupted and increasingly supplanted by collaborative leadership models, creating a dynamic new palette for up-and-coming female leaders to draw from.

There are still cultural and systemic challenges to overcome, but ongoing developments have created exciting opportunities for ambitious leaders to step up and drive change across the Public Sector.

The 4th Annual Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit 2017 is designed to focus on the opportunities, rather than the obstacles, for women to progress their careers within this evolving sector.

The Summit will provide an exceptional platform for women to share their practical advice and guidance on the key skills required to lead effectively and navigate a path to success.

Group Discounts:

10% off Standard Rate Team of 3 - 4

15% off Standard Rate Team of 5 - 7

20% off Standard Rate Team of 8 +

Online Brochure and Tickets Available at:

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