The 3rd China New Energy Exhibition

 The 3rd China New Energy Exhibition

June 14-15, Beijing Exhibition Centre, China

Seven Exhibition Areas

  1. Photovoltaic Area: solar PV power generation system, gird system, transport system, solar modules, solar cells, power supply, solar self –control device, solar special plate, slab core and other solar PV new products and new technologies
  2. Solar Thermal Utilization Area: Solar thermal energy utilization system, solar collection equipment, solar water heaters, solar refrigeration air conditioning, solar heating equipment and products, solar thermal insulation material
  3. Wind Power Area: wind power generation set: on-grid wind turbine units, off-grid wind turbine units, hybrid wind/PV power generating system, windmill pump; wind power unit equipment and components: blade and related materials, composite materials, gear box, bearing, lubricating oil (agent), generator, transformer, control system, remote monitoring system, inverter, hydraulic system, security system and protection system, cable, cable sheathing, installation, transportation equipment, fasteners, test equipment, offshore wind turbine, foundation and platform, tower, and all kinds of water pump
  4. Biomass Energy Area: biomass technology and equipment of power generation, foaming and forming, gasification, and liquid fuel; waste comprehensive utilization and power generation/heating technology and equipment, and other biomass related technology and equipment.
  5. Power and Storage Area: fuel cell, the Ni-MH batteries, lithium ion battery, sodium-sulfur batteries, electric vehicle charging pile and related products; other new energy and renewable energy application technology and equipment: hydrogen energy, nuclear energy technology and equipment
  6. Energy Efficiency Area: EMC,BT,BOT energy-saving service; financing organizations, leasing agencies, venture capital, scientific research institutions, engineering companies, etc., city energy-saving lighting technologies and products.
  7. New Products Area: leading-edge products that don’t enter the market

Exhibition Highlights

  1. Competitive Products: Numbers of chamber of commerce and famous leading companies support the exhibition and brand products gathers
  2. Buyers Gather: Cross-boundary cooperation with real estate, industry energy saving, vehicles, new village, and others, which can effectively absorb 1,000 potential buyers
  3. Brand Shows: the brand “China New Energy International Forum” was created, which analyze latest national policy, spread brand companies’ social value, and provide more exchange, study and cooperation opportunity
  4.  8 cross-industry organizations join with vigor, more than 60 associations and chamber of commerce at home and abroad promote the exhibition, and more than 100 media alliances spread the news
  5. Foreign Support: Support from American Council on Renewable Energy, China-ASEAN Cooperation Fund, NEDO, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, more than 20 embassies in China and new energy promotion organization

Invite Professional Audiences

1.  Invite oversea purchasers from Asia, Latin, Africa, and other areas to exhibition and negotiate purchase

2.  Invite regional dealers in China to exhibition and negotiate purchase

3.  Invite users in all fields to exhibition and negotiate purchase

4.  Invite potential customers of exhibitors to exhibition and discuss cooperation


Exhibitors Fee

Booth sizeEnterprises KindsCharge StandardStandard Booth (3m*3m)Domestic Enterprise9,800RMB/boothAbroad Enterprise2,800 US dollars/boothRaw Space (Minimum 36sqm)Domestic Enterprise960RMB/sqmAbroad Enterprise280 US dollars/sqm

Contact Information:

Tel: + 86 10 6310 7433/7499

Fax: + 86 10 6310 7703

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