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Temasek Shophouse's carbon copy challenge

Temasek Shophouse has launched a social media movement named the “Carbon Copy Challenge”, in hopes of inspiring a public movement to collectively reduce our carbon footprint. While creating an impact on climate change can be overwhelming, Carbon Copy Challenge asks the public to take small steps to reduce our carbon emissions, by copying one simple act at a time. This is in line with Temasek Shophouse’s focus on the topic of sustainability for April, to generate conversations on building a sustainable community.

The social media campaign will kick-off with the ‘Carbon Offset Starter Pack’, which illustrates the steps one can take to reduce the carbon footprint in the fields of “Food, Fashion, Lifestyle and Home”. The chain will then commence with various kickstarters sharing their action taken to reduce their carbon footprint on Instagram. They will then challenge their followers to do the same and tag 3 friends to “carbon copy” them. Individuals and organisations can then continue the chain by repeating the same steps. These efforts to reduce our carbon footprint can come in many forms, such as dining sustainably, buying pre-loved goods or unplugging your unused appliances. Participants of the challenge also stand a chance to win vouchers from the participating kickstarters.

For more information, follow Temasek Shophouse on Instagram: @temasekshophouse

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