Business Model Innovation

Integrating sustainability principles goes far beyond corporate social responsibility. By managing and integrating sustainability into their business models, companies and city administrations are able to cut costs, improve processes, pursue new growth, and generally add value to products and services by meeting unmet market demands.

The 5-day workshop will focus on corporate and city business model innovation and cross-sector partnerships on sustainability. With a worldwide presence, including campuses in Abu Dhabi and Singapore, INSEAD is able to offer participants unique insights and analyses of what (city-) governments and companies are aiming for in different parts of the world.

Why take this module?

  • To develop and evaluate opportunities that will lead to business model innovations of the different actors in a city, and between them.
  • To understand, evaluate and shape the competitiveness of a city/a company operating in cities.
  • To strategically develop the potential of cross-sector co-operations, i.e. between business, city administration and NGOs.

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