Riding upon successive waves of accomplishment since its commencement in 2016, SETA 2018 once more undertakes to be a convincing and meaningful programme to address the trends, concerns and disputes in the scope of Sustainable Energy and Technology.

That it is organised in Thailand - at the hub of ASEAN and Asia Pacific - beyond emphasises its significance and relevance. The region of Asia Pacific - encompassing the mature economies of ASEAN, the developing players of the CLMV cluster, and most considerably the enormous markets of China, India and Thailand - ranks the top in global energy utilization.

Hastened by Rapid City development, industrialisation, changing demographics, and dedicated to the universal crusade on climate change, the region is primed to delve into groundbreaking energy resolutions that are reliable, cost effective and efficient.

Against such a backdrop therefore, the region displays a vast prospective for economic investment, in energy and its outlying solutions. In one of its projections, The World Energy Outlook projected that around US$ 8.3 trillion is needed to develop energy productivity in the main infrastructures of transport, buildings and industry. SETA 2018 sets the stage to discuss these key issues.

A resonating achievement, SETA 2017’s multi-streamed conference was attended by some 1200 delegates comprising high level policy makers from government agencies, key players from stake holders of both the public and private sectors, industry suppliers, as well as the academia.

Themed “Towards a Low Carbon Society” SETA 2017 saw a highly joint exchange of ideas between the government and private sectors, on a full spectrum of dynamic topics — from current strategic policies and planning to emerging sustainable energy alternatives for low carbon electricity generation, green solutions for transport, logistics and the ‘smart city’ planning.

In parallel with the conference, some 97 companies and organisations playing lead roles in the energy industry in Thailand and across the region, showcased cutting edged solutions to lead the age of sustainable energy to over seven thousands trade and professional visitors.

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