Sustainability: No longer an option, but a necessity

Sustainability: No longer an option, but a necessity

Over the past few years, sustainability has increasingly become an important consideration in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Heightened competition in the industry has also put pressure on retailers to respond to consumer demands for brands to become advocates and champions of values that align with their own.

Many retailers have therefore turned to implement the circular economy into their business — a concept to design waste out, circulate materials and resources, and regenerate natural systems. The eco-friendly concept is now gaining attention from both retailers and consumers.

Is sustainability for businesses merely good PR? How does it really impact the environment, consumers, and retailers?

Join this webinar to hear from retail sustainability leaders on:
- What is the “circular economy”?
- How does sustainability benefit retailers?
- What are the key challenges in retail sustainability?
- How does the future of sustainability look like?

Confirmed Speakers
- Moderator: Pia Pinkawa, Steering Committee of Sustainable Procurement Pledge
- Panelist: Nina Shariati, Founder and CEO Donate Hour and Circular Transparency
- Panelist: Chris Foley, Head of Energy & Environment, Kmart & Target Australia

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