Technology in Sustainable Cities

‘Technology in Sustainable Cities’ is the third of 5 modules of the Sustainable Urbanisation International Leadership Programme, which offers a series of 5-day modules at top-level universities; TU Delft, University of Oxford, Peking University, INSEAD, and Copenhagen Business School. Learn more about the programme and the other modules at

By 2025, the stated goal of the Chinese Modernisation plan is to integrate app. 70% of the population in cities. This translates into roughly 900 million people and a lot of challenges and opportunities with it.

Climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental pollution are leading to the urgent need to increase sustainable development of and through cities and their components. With unprecedented urbanisation and rapid economic growth, many ecological and social issues have been marginalised, leading to problems in public safety, health, social equity, environment and ecology. These problems challenge the sustainability of cities worldwide, and require up-to-date technologies for environment and ecology protection and improving and resource efficiency, restructuring and upgrading of industry, and rethink an alternative urbanisation path.

The Technology-module focusses on the technology side of urban sustainability, but sets it in a Chinese context of challenges, conditions and practices

Why take this module?

  • Unique Characteristics of rapid urbanisation in China
  • Urgent Needs for advanced green technology
  • Huge marketing opportunities for Chinese new-type urbanisation

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