Sustainability Disclosure and Sufficiency-Oriented Entrepreneurship

Sustainability Disclosure and Sufficiency-Oriented Entrepreneurship

Webinar organized by SwissCham Beijing on Thursday, January 20

Guest speakers Dr. Heidi Mittelbach and Beat Stemmler from Intep - Integrated Planning LLC will discuss the topic on sufficiency-oriented entrepreneurship – pathways to the green economy. Mr. Marc Häsler, Mr. Claude-Alain Boillat and Mr. Vincent Glauser from H&B Law will talk about sustainability disclosure related issues. 

After the presentations, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the guest speakers and other attendees in the Sino-Swiss economic sphere. Webinar attendees are invited to send their questions beforehand by email to SwissCham:


16:00 - 16:10 Opening remarks by SwissCham 

16:10 - 17:00 Presentations by intep and H&B Law

17:00 - 17:15 Q&A


Dr. Heidi Mittelbach, Team Leader, Intep - Integrated Planning LLC

Dr. Heidi Mittelbach holds a PhD of ETH Zürich in climate and atmospheric sciences. From 2008 to 2016, she researched at ETH Zurich about new perspectives and innovative solutions in the field of climate relevant variables and presented them to a national and international audience. Since 2016, she has worked in private companies in the fields of sustainable business, communication and climate-friendly nutrition.

Since 2018, Dr. Heidi Mittelbach has been working at intep and joined the management board in 2021. Her work focuses on sufficiency, sustainability strategies, and user communication. Dr. Heidi Mittelbach sees the idea of sustainable development as a feasible vision for the future, which can succeed through innovative solutions and the interplay of technological, social, economic and cultural processes.

In order to create a holistic view of sustainability, she integrates the strategy of sufficiency in the areas of corporate growth, civil society and future-oriented construction. Recommendations for action are thereby linked to environmental potentials and not solely to the reduction of environmental pollution.

Beat Stemmler, Head of Environmental and Resource Management , Intep - Integrated Planning LLC

Beat Stemmler holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and completed an MBA at Henley Business School in UK with focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable investments. During 10 years he worked for large energy and facility management companies. In these positions he was responsible for their environmental management systems and its continuous improvement, the development of sustainability strategies and the implementation of their sustainability management and reporting systems. Prior to this, he worked in the insurance industry evaluating and pricing international environmental liability insurance programs.

Since 2019, Beat Stemmler has been working at intep as Head of Environment and Resource Management and member of the management board focusing on sustainability and environmental management strategies, greenhouse gas balancing and life cycle assessment, circular economy and resource management, air pollution control, sustainable procurement and supply chain management.

Marc Häsler, Partner, H&B Law

Marc Haesler advises Swiss and foreign companies in their development in local and international markets, with particular emphasis on trade and distribution, creation of legal structures, joint ventures and economic partnerships. He is responsible for Swiss Distribution in the french-speaking part of Switzerland as well.

Marc Haesler also has an area of expertise focusing on new technologies and start-ups, in particular biotechnology, life sciences and internet. He also represents individuals in matters of transmission and protection of property during international assignments and expatriation.

Claude-Alain Boillat, Partner, H&B Law

Claude-Alain Boillat advises Swiss and foreign companies, especially in the fields of energy, trading and raw materials. His expertise concerns in particular the countries of the CIS and China. He also assists companies in commercial disputes before State or Arbitration courts.

Moreover, he counsels foreigners when establishing in Switzerland and represents individuals, as well as foreign states, in cases of white collar crime and money laundering.

Vincent Glauser, Paralegal, H&B Law

Vincent Glauser has completed his Bachelor of Arts in Law & Economics at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in 2019. As Paralegal he specialises on the Chinese market, company and contract law as well as on legal-tech, artificial intelligence and blockchain besides his studies at HSG to complete a Master of Arts in Law & Economics. He has been active at the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Beijing from August 2019 through May 2020 as assistant to the General Manager and Events Manager.


About SwissCham China - Swiss Business Platform in China

SwissCham China has roughly 600 company members. The chamber maintains a strong relationship with the Embassy of Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Swissnex and Switzerland Tourism. As the representative of the Swiss companies established in China, their goal is to help Swiss companies to increase their business and visibility, especially amongst the Sino-Swiss business community.

About Intep – Integrated Planning LLC

The company for Integral Planning (intep) was founded in 1979 and has branches in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and China.

Intep’s services include integrated consulting and applied research in the areas of society, environment and economy. We support private organizations and public institutions in sustainable development, increasing their profitability and securing competitive advantages. In order to successfully master these challenges, we focus on sustainable solutions.

About H&B Law

H&B Law is a mid-size firm focusing on all areas of business law and dedicated to the highest standards of quality in the profession. Our multi-disciplinary, service-oriented and responsive approach to our domestic and international clients’ needs allows us to achieve the best possible results at all times.

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