Sustainability Communications: Stakeholder Engagement - A Core Element of Sustainability Strategy

This 45-minute complimentary webinar will provide participants with a overview of stakeholder engagement and how it may be used in an organisation’s approach to sustainability. All of the most widely used and recognised standards and guidance documents relating to managing and communicating on sustainability activities make a reference to stakeholder engagement and for some this activity is a fundamental element (including ISO 26000, GRI, AA1000 series). This webinar is designed to present the fundamentals of stakeholder engagement and will make reference to relevant standards and guidelines.


  • What is Stakeholder Engagement?
  • How is it used in the Sustainability Communications cycle?
  • What do the standards/guidance documents say?
  • How does it work in practice?

Target Audience

This complimentary webinar is aimed at social responsibility practitioners at strategic and operational levels - especially those involved directly in sustainability reporting and communications.

It will be of particular value to all corporate communications professionals working in investor relations, company secretaries, corporate affairs, internal communications and those involved in governance of communications, marketing and brand specialists. It will also be of value to practitioners in ISO 26000 related areas including supply chain, HR, H&SE practitioners.

Furthermore, it will be valuable to practitioners in the sustainability communications value chain and any senior organizational professionals who wish to move forward their organization’s social responsibility position and are taking a wide-scale organizational approach to embedding social responsibility in to their organizations and taking a strategic approach to sustainability.


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