Strategic Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement

Thursday, 28 September 2017 | 9am – 1pm | $250

Why learn about this?

Conversations with stakeholders help to develop your sustainability strategy, prioritise what matters and improve your reporting. Do you want to check in with them, boost your transparency, or wholly transform your business?

Stakeholder Engagement (SE) is a vital management tool. SE confers trust and helps protect reputation. Stakeholders can tell you how transparent you are being. From Board room to supply chain, engaging properly can improve risk management, governance processes, cost control, quality, and innovation.

You may already ‘do’ SE, but this short course will help you systematically improve your engagement processes.

What’s in the course?

This short course focuses on the business case for stakeholder engagement, taking a look at what good engagement looks like. We will explore the significance, purpose and benefits of SE to a business strategy and to sustainability goals.

We will go through stakeholder mapping and prioritisation, engagement in a materiality assessment, established frameworks such as AA1000SES and parts of the AccountAbility/UNEP Stakeholder Engagement Manual. We will take a look at some basic tools used in SE, and review some real life examples of SE in practice (think United Airlines, or Starbucks…).

Stakeholder Engagement (SE) is part of a good materiality assessment. Both are at the heart of a good Sustainability Report. Knowing who your stakeholders are, and having candid communication with them, is crucial in the modern age of corporate transparency and reporting. Such engagement is also a requirement of the SGX Sustainability Reporting Guide.

Key takeaways of the course: understand the concept of stakeholder engagement in sustainability, know how to map and engage with your stakeholders, understand how to assess your engagement and compile some SE reporting examples.

Who for?

This training can introduce sustainability to managers of small, medium, and large enterprises. The course is ideal for those new to stakeholder management, and those who strengthening their engagement skills.

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