Solidarity Series: Chiang Mai Fires Teach-In

SG Climate Rally


- Phatchara Kamchamnarn (Golf)

As Singapore settles into our third week in quarantine, it may feel like a struggle to remain connected to the rest of the world. It feels even more difficult to meaningfully engage with suffering and crises in other countries. This Saturday, SGCR invites you to draw knowledge, wisdom, and hope from our friends in Thailand as we talk through one significant issue that has been particularly difficult to contend with—the raging forest fires in Chiang Mai.

The Australia bushfire crisis in January prepared all of us for a tumultuous 2020. Yet few people are aware of the fires much closer to home, which have claimed over 700 football fields of forest and the lives of at least seven people. Firefighting efforts are well underway, but so much more help is needed given the complexities of the situation.

What is causing these fires and why are they worse than previous years? How is Covid-19 impacting relief efforts? How are these 2 seemingly separate crises (a global pandemic and forest fires) interconnected? What does indigenous rights have to do with burning forests? How can we help from Singapore? What does regional solidarity look like, especially in lockdown?

Hear directly from allies on the ground — an indigenous Karen leader, a student activist from Bangkok, and a Singaporean farmer working in Thailand, amongst others. Our speakers will be sharing their stories and insights in SGCR’s first virtual teach-in, and we welcome YOU, our viewer, to participate in the live Q&A;!

2020 has been really difficult for most of us around the world so far. But there is still hope to build a different world out of these flames, a world that is green and justice-oriented. Let’s come together this Saturday in community, and see how we can continue to support each other in these trying times!

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