Solar CSP

A comprehensive, clear-language introduction to Concentrated Solar Power (CSP); including resource requirements, technologies & market opportunities.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Quantify the specific solar energy resource requirements for CSP, and hence its market application
  • Understand the key technology principles, trends and choices in the conversion of solar energy using CSP
  • Learn the key variables which impact overall system performance and project risk
  • Discover other market drivers for solar CSP, including issues such as heat storage and hybrid thermal power cycles
  • Understand the economic and competitive challenges to increasing solar CSP in the energy mix, including competition with solar PV

Course description:

The Solar CSP industry has watched as the cost of Solar PV has plummeted and its deployment has grown to make it the fastest growing of all renewable power sources by capacity. Yet Solar CSP is certainly not a dead technology, with recent deployments in the Middle East, a specific bid process in place in South Africa, and interest in markets as diverse as the US, Spain, North Africa, China, Chile and India.

This compact 2-day course provides the perfect introduction to CSP, providing an industry-independent view of its technologies, its pros and cons against other power generating sources, the challenges it needs to overcome and the market and economic factors which will determine its continued growth.

Level & Style:

  • The course presents a variety of technological principles and terminology, but all are explained in a clear, business-friendly manner, making no assumption of prior technical knowledge.
  • Thus it is specifically suited to senior business people, both newcomers to the solar CSP industry or to those in commercially-focused roles within the industry who are eager for a clear understanding of how sometimes complex solar CSP power concepts impact overall business success. It is not designed as “hands-on” training for field engineers or installers.
  • Content is delivered throughout in an informal, interactive manner, encouraging questions and discussion. Attendees will have the chance to undertake simple quantitative exercises and use provided tools and examples in order to revise and better illustrate key learning points.
  • Green Power Academy is an independent training organisation, exclusively focused on training and on the renewable energy sector. We have no other interests or non-training business to promote, and thus provide an unbiased, hype-free view of the topics, happy to highlight diverse opinions and data where and when these exist.

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior Management
  • Heads of Business and Product Development
  • Financial and Business Planners
  • Heads of Product or Project Sales & Marketing Market Analysts and Strategists
  • Heads of Policy


  • Solar Power Developers and EPCs
  • Solar Power Investors (Banks, Investment Funds, VCs etc.)
  • Utilities & Power Generating Companies
  • Land, Real-Estate and Rooftop Owners
  • Solar Equipment Suppliers
  • Solar Service suppliers (e.g. installation, balance of system)
  • Energy Policymakers and Planners
  • Large Power Consumers, including local authorities and enterprises

Supporting materials you will receive:

  • Hard and soft copies of presentation materials
  • Excel spreadsheets and models
  • Latest industry case studies and examples
  • Comprehensive reading list for further study after the course
  • A certificate of attendance

Why Choose Green Power Academy?

  • Unique courses that can’t be found anywhere else
  • CPD certified
  • Over 1250 delegates already trained
  • Class sizes limited to ensure enough one to one time with the course lecturer
  • Latest case studies and examples used
  • Interactive class sessions
  • Courses held at 4-5 star hotels in central city locations

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