Community Investment: Simplifying Impact Measurement

Join Corporate Citizenship and LBG members Denstu Aegis, Linklaters, Rolls-Royce, FirstGroup and Barclays for our global simplifying impact measurement webinar. Discover how you can demystify impact measurement and progress your company’s approach to corporate community investment with the LBG framework.

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Businesses are increasingly questioned about their contributions to society: What is the value of your corporate community investment (CCI)? Could your contributions be more effective? Where do you stand in comparison to your peers and competitors? And, crucially, what is the impact of your community investments?

When it comes to measuring CCI, the focus has long since shifted from asking what do we contribute? to asking what do we achieve? Through the combination of a robust measurement framework and practical support, LBG has been helping companies navigate challenges to community investment measurement for 21 years. And it continues to evolve!

Recent developments have seen advancements in LBG’s measurement framework and the tools and support it provides to enable companies to measure. Progress has also increased the opportunity for companies around the world to engage with, and learn from, each other.

Attendees to the webinar will have the opportunity to ask questions to both Corporate Citizenship about the LBG model and its application as well as to the speakers about their experience of impact measurement.

For more information about the LBG framework and network, please get in touch.

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