Siem Reap Ocean In Motion Film Festival

The Siem Reap Ocean in Motion Film Festival brings together people of all ages and cultures to enjoy all things In, On and Under the ocean - without having to get wet! You won’t want to miss it.

The event features a series of short and mid-length films, each one documenting the beauty, power, excitement and importance of the ocean through stories of adventure, exploration, ecosystems, culture and science. The ocean is one of Cambodia’s biggest natural assets for tourism, fishing and a strong portion of the country’s livelihood. The Ocean in Motion Film Festival brings the ocean to the community in a fun an entertaining way, helping to foster appreciation for the sea, which is often under pressures from pollution, overfishing and exploitation of resources. The ocean is incredibly resilient if given a chance to rejuvenate itself and the wildlife within it, and these films will help to inspire our collective efforts to improve the health of the ocean we love.

The Siem Reap Ocean in Motion Film Festival is run by Ocean Recovery Alliance, a non-profit organisation based in Hong Kong and California that brings together creative ideas and projects to raise awareness and bring solutions to improving the health of the ocean.

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