SASB Workshop: Connecting businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability

SASB Workshop: Connecting businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability

In November 2018, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) published a complete set of 77 globally applicable, industry-specific standards which identify financially material ESG topics and associated metrics for the typical company in an industry. These standards are designed to be cost-effective for companies to implement and decision-useful to both companies and investors.

This session will cover the approach to financial materiality and the process followed by SASB staff and Standards Board to develop these standards. It will also highlight the SASB tools and resources created for users, and current trends in the ESG disclosure and investment space. Lastly, there will be a deep dive into examples of leading practices of corporate disclosure using the SASB framework.

Learning objectives:

    1. • Learn how the SASB standards can be used to improve communication between your company and its investors about financially material sustainability issues
    1. • Understand SASB’s standards development process, including how companies and investors contributed to standards development
    1. • Identify how to determine the sustainability-related issues most likely to affect long-term risks and value creation for your company.
    1. • Assess the management and disclosure of those issues and consider how your organization can use the SASB standards to inform and enhance engagement with stakeholders.
    1. • Review examples of the disclosure using the SASB framework from companies in different examples.
              • Understand how the SASB Standards are complementary to other frameworks, and how they can be used to implement principles-based frameworks like TCFD and Integrated Reporting.

There are limited seats to attend this workshop which is part of the Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit 2019. For more information, kindly visit

Registration: To learn more about the workshop or to register, email to


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