Rethinking energy in Southeast Asia to achieve an optimal transition to a low carbon system

Southeast Asia is set to become a key driver of world energy trends over the next 20 years as its energy demand grows at twice the global average. To meet growing electricity demand, the countries in the region are still pushing for new coal power projects over the next decade.

However, the rising public pressure on financial institutions to stop funding new coal power projects are likely to derail many of these projects. Philippines and Vietnam are gradually shifting from their fossil fuel-based power generation fleets into more sustainable and diversified energy supply portfolios.

The renewable energy sector in Southeast Asia boasts a long track record involving large hydro, bioenergy, and geothermal solutions which have been deployed for decades. More recently, the declining costs of solar PV and wind have prompted several gigawatts of installed capacity. As share of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) increases in the energy mix, so does the necessity to include flexibility into the power system.

This webinar will provide an overview of the key factors that shape energy markets in the Southeast Asia region and solutions that can enable higher penetration and seamless integration of renewable energy sources:

  • Get an overview of the key global and local factors that influence the energy sector in Southeast Asia in the next decades as they decarbonise
  • Understand how flexibility will turn out to be a key feature of future power systems and creates a friendly environment for the deployment of large-scale renewable grids
  • Listen to real-life case-studies on energy solutions that help optimize power system dispatch while reducing the carbon footprint.

Register for free for this webinar on this link:

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Marina Martinez
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