Real-time Online Training - Effective CSR Communications

About the training

It can be tough for PR professionals and CSR managers to make CSR communications fresh and engaging. All too often companies assume that sustainability reporting is the end of the CSR communication plan for engaging key stakeholders - employees, customers, local communities and investors. CSR management teams and public relations professionals find difficulties in addressing the need for increased transparency and corporate accountability in an ongoing way. This half day training session will provide practical tips and tools, whilst using international best practice examples to demonstrate the success factors that will get companies noticed for their CSR initiatives and overcome CSR communications challenges.

Key questions that the course will answer

-What are the principles for successful CSR communications?

-What are the characteristics of communications strategies that get companies noticed?

-How to formulate strategic and targeted stakeholder communications?

-How are leading companies communicating?

-Sustainability reporting – what’s next?

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