Project Finance & Project Financial Modelling - Johannesburg

Project Finance & Project Financial Modelling


8 – 12 July 2019, Singapore

19 – 23 August 2019, Johannesburg


Modern project finance transactions require a high level of expertise in building financial models which are reliable and flexible to accommodate the changing requirements occurring during the life of a project. This 5-day course covers both project finance and financial modelling best practices.

The first 3 days of the programme provide project financing skills you can immediately use upon return to your workplace.

You will learn demonstrated analytical strategies to assess the degree of risk and benefits of specific project financing, along with the elements of the day-to-day business and operational aspects.

This programme is also designed to enhance the checklists and benchmark metrics by which you can reduce losses and which will be viewed favourably by both management and the regulatory community.

The last 2 days of the programme cover financial modelling techniques, including how to model the role of debt, debt covenants, cash waterfalls, inter-creditor relations, restructuring and rescheduling of debt, how to model risk, and the role of equity and its rewards.

In the course of the 2 days, you will build and evaluate a range of project finance models, covering projects as diverse as conventional and renewable energy investments, mines and private hospitals.

You will overcome the most complex aspects of building a reliable model, including uncertainty, currency and timescale mismatches, debt amortisation, depreciation, control account waterfall, cost structures, and the ability to easily shift time scales, as well as the ability to identify and control key sensitivities through spreadsheet simulation.

Course highlights

- Financing strategies and methods

- Project finance analysis

- How to negotiate the best interest rates

- Tips to approach banks and equity providers for project finance

- Mitigate project risks

- Build cash flow cascades to forecast debt capacity and investor returns

- Apply project finance techniques in specific industrial sectors in an African context

- Best practice in financial modelling

- How to make highly accurate assumptions

- Different model types for projects (oil, gas, power, renewables, mining, transport etc.)

- How to build a reliable financial model from scratch using Excel

- Best way to present models to investors

- Understand government policies that may hinder project finance in different countries

- How to manage good relationship with stakeholders & government bodies

Course methodology

This course includes a mixture of lectures, videos, discussion, presentations by participants, exercises and case studies from a range of African and global project finance deals. You should bring laptops to take away the many materials provided in the course.

Throughout 5 days, you will learn all the available techniques and how to practically apply them through the use of Excel. Make sure you bring your laptop for 2 reasons.

First, plenty of models will be provided on Day 4 and an extensive use of case studies will be adopted to illustrate the principles covered.

Second, Day 5 is devoted to the step-by-step construction of a project finance model from provided templates, which you can take away at the end of the course. You will also run risk analysis on the model.

Practical computer-based exercises

The trainer will lead you in building an entire, generic model from scratch. Each portion will be approached with a short presentation and examples. You will then use this new information to build another portion of the model. Thus, the outline of a cash flow model will be created and populated with the required factors, including basic assumptions, input data and calculations to calculate results; you will then build on the model to add sensitivities, inflation factors, financial structures, balances sheet, P&L;, equity returns, ratios and cover factors, and risk assessments.

All participants should bring a laptop with Excel. USB flash drives containing example files will be provided.

Who should attend

Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Executives, Consultants of:

- Finance

- Project Development

- Business Development

- Project Finance

- Commercial

- Investment

- Technical & Operations

- Treasury

- Procurement

- Planning & Strategy

- Accounting

- Legal

From sectors, including but not limited to:

- Oil & Gas

- Power & Renewable

- Transport

- Water & Waste Treatment

- Mining

- Telecom

- Property

- Petrochemical

- Financial Institutions

- Government Authorities

- Law Firms

- EPC Contractors

Course certificate

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion bearing the signatures from both the Course Director and the Course Organizer. This Certificate will testify your endeavor and serve towards your professional advancement.

To register/enquire, please contact:

Vincs Kong

Infocus International Group

Tel: +65 6325 0351 | Email:



Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Vincs Kong
[javascript protected email address]

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