National Seminar on Wind Energy

Wind energy has come of age. Unlike conventional fuels, wind energy is a massive, indigenous power source, and it is permanently available. It has no resource constraints: the ‘fuel’ is free and endless. On top of this, wind energy entirely avoids carbon costs, and suffers from zero geo-political risk associated with supply and infrastructure constraints, or energy dependence on other countries. Wind can be competitive with nuclear, coal and gas, on a level playing field. Since it is modular it is very quick to install. It can provide a hedge against fuel price volatility. There is a security of supply as it avoids reliance on imported fuels. It provides bulk power equivalent to conventional sources. The most important advantage of Wind Energy is that it is land friendly - agricultural/industrial activities can continue around it.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Sumeet Tokas
[javascript protected email address]

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