Masterclass: Compressed Air System Energy Assessment and Performance Optimisation

Masterclass in Compressed Air System Energy Assessment and Performance Optimisation

Next Course Date: 8 - 10 October 2018 / 21 SCEM and 18 PE PDUs awarded

Time: 9am - 5pm

Venue: 180 Kitchener Road, #06-10 City Square Mall Singapore 208539; Singapore Sustainability Academy

Contact: +65 - 6338 8578;

Course summary

The workshop provides and introduction to Compressed Air System Management using the Systems Approach. Optimising the system evaluates performance with reduced concern for individual component efficiency and greatest emphasis on how all parts of the system operate together. The system envelope begins with operation of air compressors, through operation of pneumatically powered equipment and productivity of manufacturing operations. Air system performance including the business impact on productivity and product quality is discussed.

The basics of air compression and compressor types are presented. Greater emphasis is given to optimising the system to provide the required air flow, pressure and quality necessary to support production operations. What best practices will optimise performance and efficiency when operating multiple air compressors with different control types. Learn how to successfully integrate Variable Speed Control trim capacity by addressing design considerations to avoid “hunting”, and undesirable interactions with other air compressors and the system’s air demand profile.

Consistent and reliable performance of production operations depend on requirements of pneumatically powered equipment that is the end use of compressed air. Learn how to evaluate the entire system from the compressed air supply through distribution piping and end use applications consuming compressed air. Evaluating individual parts of the system such as compressor performance without evaluating control strategy, air storage, distribution, and demand management often results in treatment of symptoms. Learn how to look beyond the obvious symptoms of poor performance and discover how to identify root cause opportunities to optimize the system.

Course outline

In this course, you learn the essentials of the systems approach. Including compressed air system design from compressor to end use, including piping and fittings, materials, codes and standards. Learn to optimise the system, to create and maintain balance between system supply and end use demand. Eliminate waste lost to leakage and inappropriate use of compressed air. You also gain an understanding of the maintenance issues that apply, the cost of air leakage, and the methods of detecting and correcting system faults to ensure smooth operation.

Target audience

  • Industrial compressed air system stakeholders who design, operate, and maintain the system will learn to improve reliability while reducing energy consumption and cost.
  • Production personnel and mechanics responsible for manufacturing processes and equipment powered with pneumatic energy will learn to solve problems that can interrupt production, reduce productivity, and affect product quality.
  • Energy engineers, managers, and program leaders will gain knowledge of the significant energy savings with optimized Compressed Air System Management and application of the Systems Approach.
  • Energy auditors and energy services leaders will learn the essential elements of a compressed air system assessment. Learn relevant variables in compressed air system performance that must be documented during an energy system assessment. These data are essential to successful correlation of post implementation measurement and verification of energy savings.


Mr. Tom Taranto is an independent compressed air system professional with more than 40 years of experience providing services to industrial clients, utilities, and energy agencies. He is the owner of Data Power Services, LLC.

He has extensive experience in design and application of fluid power systems both hydraulic and pneumatic. Tom’s work involves compressed air system design, air compressor application, and performance of related compressed air system components. He conducts compressed air system assessments, equipment testing, and compressed air system training throughout the world.

Tom is a U.S. DOE Energy Expert, Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) technical committee member, a CAC qualified instructor, and instructor for Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialist training. Tom is Co‐Vice Chair and team member for ASME Standard EA‐4‐2010 “Assessment for Compressed Air Systems”.

He is a technical committee member of the International Organization for Standardization, technical advisory group Energy Management for Air compressors and compressed air systems. The committee is responsible for Standard ISO‐11011 “Compressed air – energy efficiency – assessment” (committee TC118/SC6/WG4).

Tom has authored compressed air articles, and peer reviewed conference proceedings. He is published both nationally as contributor to Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology, Taylor & Francis Group; and internationally as UNIDO Compressed Air Expert co‐author and co‐trainer for UNIDO Motor System Energy Conservation Program. Mr. Taranto is a graduate of Clarkson University, with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a member of ASME, AFE and is past President of the Fluid Power Society, Chapter 21 Syracuse, NY


SEAS Member: S$1,300.00/pax; Program Fee after Funding: S$692.52, inclusive of GST

Non-SEAS Member: S$1,400.00/pax; Program Fee after Funding: S$745.79, inclusive of GST

50% E2I funding applictable for Singaporean and PRs (applicable to self-sponsored trainees as well)

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Tom Chua/Agnes Seah
[javascript protected email address]

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