Know your sustainable customer

Know your sustainable customer

As the world becomes increasingly aware of environmental and social issues, more customers are opting for businesses that prioritise sustainability and ethical practices, and buying products that reflect these priorities.  

In a global consumer survey, more than 71 per cent of respondents reported making modest to significant changes to their consumption behaviours to live more sustainably. While this shift in consumer behaviour presents opportunities for businesses, there is growing scepticism surrounding the credibility of these sustainable products, presenting obstacles in capturing this demand.  

Apart from customers, there is increasedgrowing demand from employees, investors, and the public for more transparency around sustainable products and practices. This makes , making sourcing and procurement key to building trust in an organisation’s ability to achieve its sustainability goals.

But what exactly does a sustainable supply chain look like and how can it be achieved? Can small and mid-sized companies reap the same benefits as large multi-national corporations? What are the consequences of failing to act now?

Join Eco-Business as we convene leading experts across different industries to share how to integrate sustainability practices across a company’s  supply chain, from sustainable sourcing, to collaborating with suppliers to promote a circular economy. This event will be held at the ESG Impact Hub and will be open to all members.

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