Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting – the latest development in corporate reporting that promises to improve disclosure, while “enhancing the way organisations think, plan and report”.

An exciting buzzword. A gamechanger. Companies, investors and even the public sector globally have professed benefits.

What You’ll Learn

At the end of the half-day intensive training, you will:

  • Appreciate Integrated Reporting’s role and its benefits in the evolution of corporate reporting, globally and in the Singapore context
  • Understand the link between integrated thinking and Integrated Reporting
  • Understand International Framework: Fundamental Concepts, 7 Guiding Principles & 8 Content Elements
  • Review case study examples

Who Should Attend?

  • You want to improve your organisation’s corporate reporting. You may be in Investor Relations, Corporate Relations, or Public Affairs.
  • You want to take sustainability reporting and strategy to the next level. You may be in any function – sustainability cuts across departments.
  • You want to understand how Integrated Reporting can drive internal performance. You may be in Finance, Performance Management, Operations, Strategy, or Human Resources developing a Balanced Scorecard.

Course Details

27 July 2017 | 9am to 1pm

Fees: S$450

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To Register, please click here or send us an e-mail at

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