GRESB Participant Training - Hong Kong

Event Description

The GRESB training program offers a high-quality and hands-on educational experience, addressing all aspects of sustainability in real estate portfolios as covered by the GRESB Real Estate Equity Assessment.

The training enables participants to assess and enhance their current performance, to more efficiently prepare their GRESB response, and to improve the quality of their submission.

The program is delivered via face-to-face group sessions (7 core instruction hours in one session).

New in 2016

  • More case studies and examples from practice
  • More extensive Q&A sessions to address portfolio specific questions
  • More networking and engagement opportunities on specific topics with industry professionals with demonstrated experience and success rate
  • New information about emerging topics, including resilience, health and wellbeing, and data management
  • Access to webcasts describing the GRESB process, aspects, and specific thematic results – these can be reviewed to prepare for training

Training Program

For more information about the training and details on the program visit the GRESB Participant Training web page.

Special Offers and Member Benefits

After the first attendee from any organization has registered, all additional attendees from the same company are eligible for a discounted price of EUR 450. Promotional codes will be emailed with the first registration confirmation.

GRESB Members will be offered a single free training place per organization. Members who want to take advantage of this opportunity can use the special promotional code included in their training invitation.

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