Green Drinks: Cool and Efficient Buildings

For our upcoming session, we have a tag team talk on energy efficient ways of cooling buildings with two industry heavyweights – Lee Eng Lock, Associate Consultant to The GreenAsia Group, and Michael Totten, Senior Advisor to Conservation International.

Eng Lock shares some chilling cases of how buildings are wasting energy and money, and ideal ways to cool buildings while cutting spending, energy and pollution in the process. Michael will add on to Eng Lock’s presentation and speak on how to accelerate scaling of these incredible savings throughout the utility sector in Singapore, Asia and globally.

Date: 26 July 2012 (Thursday)

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm (talk will be followed by Q&A, then mingling)

Venue: The Hub, 113 Somerset Road (National Youth Council Academy building)


We hope to see you there!

About our speakers

Lee Eng Lock

Eng Lock is renowned globally for his singular contributions to energy efficiency. For the past 30 years, he has been designing and building arguably the most energy efficient buildings and mechanical systems in the world. He is also the pioneer in very accurate long-term measurement and monitoring for mechanical plants.

He has designed, built and retrofitted numerous high-performance chiller plants in Singapore and worldwide in an impressive range of building types, all achieving exceptional levels of measured performance and providing significant returns on investment.

In 1994, Lee was awarded the Association of Energy Engineers USA Energy Project of the year for the Western Digital factory in Kuala Lumpur.

Michael Totten

Michael Totten is committed to living a sustainable lifestyle, conscientiously making sure that everything he does has a positive ecological impact. He doesn’t just walk the walk, though – he talks the talk! Michael’s passion is to share information with everyone he meets about what they can do to curb climate change, promote the wellbeing of ecosystems and make our Earth a healthier, more vibrant place. He’s convinced captains of industry and rock ‘n’ roll stars alike to reduce or offset their carbon emissions. Over the years Michael has done everything from promoting energy efficiency initiatives in developing countries to drafting groundbreaking climate change legislation in his efforts to improve the effects human societies have on nature.

Michael’s current project is with’s Climate and Energy team, focusing on ways to promote solutions that achieve climate protection, as well as other benefits like protecting biodiversity and promoting sustainable livelihoods.

Areas of Expertise

Business and environment: The environmental impact of businesses in the world today is tremendous and continues to grow full throttle. Michael works with key organizations from the corporate sector to minimize their environmental footprint.

Climate change: Michael is not only deeply immersed on the science of climate change, he is also an expert on what can be done to avert further global warming and mitigate its effects. His pragmatic optimism and innovative ideas offer a refreshing view of this pressing issue.

Carbon offsets: Michael’s work at CI focuses on developing carbon offset projects that benefit biodiversity and local communities as well as as capturing greenhouse gases.

Deforestation and climate change: Deforestation causes as much as a quarter of all carbon emissions, but receives nowhere near the attention that energy use and vehicle issues do. Michael is an expert on this often overlooked aspect of our climate crisis.

Fresh water: Fresh water is a growing environmental concern. Michael is an expert in promoting watershed protection and highly efficient ways of delivering ecosystem services.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

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