Green Data Centre Design

Energy expenditures account for the vast majority of the operating costs during a data centre life-time, and this fact is becoming critical in order to ensure business profitability.

This 2-day green data centre course design course will equip participants with in-depth knowledge of SS564 and Green Mark for New and Existing Data Centre. It will also include design best practices and case studies to empower participants with knowledge and ideas to green their data centres.

The Green Data Design, Session 2 is a learning event under the Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) Learning Network.

A 1-day workshop is available to provide an overview of the data centre. Click here to register for Session 1.


  • Understand Green data centre standards such as Green Mark for New & Existing data centres
  • Apply the best practices in chiller plants, computer room air-conditioning, lighting and uninterruptible power systems design
  • Optimise, monitor and maintain the data centres at peak energy efficiency

Target Audience:

  • Data Centre Operations Managers
  • Data Centre Facilities Managers and Technicians
  • Data Centre Designers and Consultants
  • Data Centre Maintenance Contractors
  • Singapore Certified Energy Managers
  • Government officials invoiced in Data Centre Energy Efficiency policies and regulations

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