Global textile and apparel carbon neutral summit 2022

Global textile and apparel carbon neutral summit 2022

In the key period of emission reduction in the global fashion industry, the green production of the fashion industry, the second-largest polluting industry following the petrochemical industry, is a matter of great urgency.

The textile industry emits 122 million to 2.93 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere annually, and the life cycle of textiles, including washing, is estimated to account for 6.7 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Since China is the world’s largest textile and garment production and export country, as well as the world’s largest textile and garment consumption market, China’s textile and garment industry has always been one of the industries with high energy consumption and high emission. Under the background of promoting a low-carbon economy and cleaner production, it is necessary to undertake corresponding responsibilities for reducing carbon emissions.

Under the background of carbon neutrality, the textile and garment industry chain is changing from raw material source identification, and new technology development to consumption reduction and efficiency improvement in the production process. Not only do the end-product retail enterprises need to realize carbon neutrality, but also every link in the industry chain needs to make corresponding changes.

However, the textile industry chain is quite complex, which includes fibre, yarn, fabric, printing and dyeing, sewing and so on, and that is why only 55 per cent of the top 200 brands in the global fashion industry publish their annual carbon footprints and only 19.5 per cent choose to disclose the carbon emissions of the supply chain.

Based on how the textile industry will promote the dual-carbon policy under the background of carbon neutrality, this summit invites relevant policy and regulation departments, brand dealers, retailers, garment manufactuers, material suppliers, non-governmental organizations, consulting agencies and sustainable solution enterprises to share and communicate the practical methods with us.


  • 20+ leading enterprises in the industry intelligence sharing
  • 100+ Delegates
  • Conduct on-site communication with industry leaders and cutting-edge enterprises
  • Promote online and offline at the same time to increase brand exposure

Hot topics

  • Opportunities and Strategies of Global Textile Industry Emission Reduction
  • Carbon Footprint Policy and Regulation Guidance for Textile Industry
  • How to Set Carbon Targets Scientifically
  • How Should Garment Industry Chain Work Together to Reduce Carbon Emission for Carbon Target
  • Case Study—Low-carbon Transformation of Green Factory
  • Innovative Technology of Artificial Yarn and Other Innovative Materials
  • Sustainable Cotton Supply Chain Transparency: From Planting to Products
  • The Latest Environmental Protection Test Standard and Certification of Textile and Garment under Carbon Neutrality
  • Sustainable Energy Production and Biomaterials in Textile and Garment Industry

Official summit website:

Tel: +86 -21 - 8026 0707 ext 803
Phone: 13271915990 (WeChat)

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Wes Wei
[javascript protected email address]

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