Free Webinar: Improve Performance Through Sustainability Benchmarking

Join us for a webinar on September 26, 2018 with two of the field’s foremost sustainability practitioners – global trainers and consultants on CSR strategy and reporting – and designers of the world’s largest database of ‘external’ Sustainability/ESG ratings. Sean Flynn, Founder of One 4 All CSR, and Cynthia Figge, CEO and Cofounder of CSRHub and Cofounder of EKOS International, provide insight into sustainability tools for benchmarking company CSR performance, and “lessons learned” on CSR ratings improvement.

Participants will learn how to benchmark and diagnose company ratings and rankings, pinpoint ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) gaps, manage ESG raters and stakeholders, and receive guidance on how to improve your CSR performance.

If you have been publishing a Sustainability/CSR Report for several years or want to get started, and wonder how to improve the perception of your CSR performance, this webinar will address:

  • Ratings landscape (who they are and what they do)
  • Aggregated big data from 550 expert data and ratings sources for consensus view from stakeholders
  • How to compare the performance of your company to your peers and competitors by using benchmarking dashboard tools
  • Hotspot corporate and supply chain risks
  • Manage ESG ratings fatigue
  • Ways to leverage your public reporting to improve your ESG analyst ratings

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