FREE Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Webinar




FREE Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Webinar: drive stakeholder action to push your sustainability agenda forward

Learn how to better engage your relevant stakeholder groups to help drive behavioural change and meet your sustainability goals from both B2B and B2C perspectives with:

This free webinar is taking place on Wednesday 9th July at 10AM BST. The 45-minute debate will focus on driving stakeholder action to push your sustainability agenda forward.

Join the discussion to ensure you…

· Find out what a successful engagement strategy looks like so that you can ultimately drive action and involvement across your stakeholder groups

· Learn how to target key messages effectively to multiple stakeholders and tell your corporate story in a meaningful way

· Build stakeholder trust through your report by bringing the most relevant issues to life for your target audience

There will be live polling and opportunity to send your questions instantaneously to ensure this both an informative and engaging debate.

To sign up for the webinar, please visit here.

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