Framework mapping: the future of consolidated sustainability reporting

Companies reporting their positions on sustainability can nowadays refer to or use a variety of international and national frameworks. However, the sustainability reporting landscape can be crowded and confusing for organisations that are constantly tasked with navigating different definitions, deadlines and data requirements.

When a company has made the decision to report against multiple frameworks, it can be challenging to streamline reporting efforts to avoid duplication and misalignment across various frameworks.

It’s important to understand how sustainability frameworks and investor requests for information like GRI, CDP, SASB and DJSI to name a few, can be mapped to ensure that duplication of effort is minimised. There are ways to streamline data collection and reporting to make it easier and more efficient to report against multiple frameworks.

In our next 30-minute webinar “Framework mapping: the future of consolidated sustainability reporting” SustainIt and Greenstone will explore the essential steps to follow and the key things to consider when reporting against multiple sustainability frameworks.

If you’re drowning in framework acronyms and struggling to see how the burden can be reduced, be sure to sign up.

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