Energy Recovery and Reuse

This module covers pinch analysis for designing heat exchanger networks, which has found many applications and has potential for improving energy efficiency of many processes including waste heat recovery processes. Other energy recovery techniques and opportunities are also discussed. Major topics in the module include pinch analysis concepts, data required and extraction, finding targets, heat exchanger network design, utilities, heat and power systems and other energy recovery techniques. These will be discussed with illustrative examples in the lecture sessions and candidates will solve selected examples in the practice sessions. Industrial applications will be outlined and potential of energy recovery and reuse for improving energy efficiency in local industries will be discussed. This module proposed as a technical elective in the SCEM programme.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module, the candidate will be able to:

1. Describe pinch analysis and its methodologies, benefits and applications

2. Apply pinch analysis methods to find targets for heat exchanger networks

3. Apply pinch analysis methodology to design and evolve heat exchanger networks

4. Discuss other energy recovery techniques for chemical and process industries

5. Analyze and improve energy efficiency of chemical thermal and related processes

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