Eco Action Day

Eco Action Day is a special day to think about our environment, and more importantly, take an eco action.

Mooted by the Ricoh Group in 2006 in the form of the Ricoh Eco Action to commemorate the World Environment Day on 5 June, it engaged employees, customers, corporate neighbours and government organisations to think and act eco on that day.

In collaboration with the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), the first annual nationwide energy saving campaign targeting organisations took place in 2007. With many of their offices operating long hours, the SEC and Ricoh Group realised that if most of them could practise green initiatives, a positive impact on the environment can be achieved.

The campaign conveyed the importance of conserving energy and resources in offices. With a huge population of office in Singapore, this is a great avenue to reap conservation results if each and every organisation plays their part. Daily savings can snowballed to yearly savings, and over time, a signicant effect on the saving the environment can be expected.

More than 300 organisations – from multinational corporations, government agencies, private companies to tertiary institutions – have gone eco on this special day as a collective energy eort to counter environmental deterioration. So be a part of us to do good to the environment.

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