Disaster Preparedness Forum: Build Better Now

Disaster Preparedness Forum: Build Better Now

Now in its fourth year, the Disaster Preparedness Forum (DPF) will address the need to develop disaster resilient homes and schools for vulnerable communities in Asia at scale. This year’s theme “Build Better Now” reflects the significant economic losses and damages in the region due to disasters. It will focus on the need for more strategic and greater investment to make our communities safe and resilient to the devastating impact of disasters.

Year after year, this region sees casualties and long-term impacts on livelihoods caused by poorly constructed buildings. People are buried in collapsed structures or forced to sleep in makeshift, temporary shelters for months or years after a disaster.

The shift from post to pre disaster funding can significantly help to reduce damages, economic losses and more importantly, lives lost from disasters. Homes and schools able to withstand typhoons, earthquakes and floods can be built. New construction materials, buildings techniques and designs can support the use of local materials and culturally sensitive approaches and drive down costs.

At this year’s Forum, you will hear from thought leaders, innovators and practitioners from across the region that are helping to progress the vision of disaster resilient homes and schools in Asia.

Who should attend:

  • Companies interested in moving CSR efforts on disasters to a more strategic and impactful level, helping to ultimately reduce disaster risks, damages and loss
  • Companies looking for opportunities overall to engage in this through inclusive business, shared value or community investment approaches
  • Humanitarians seeking for more strategic and effective business sector engagement that creates value for all involved
  • Governments looking to build cross-sector collaborations that drive greater investment in community preparedness and resilience

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