Designing for People: An Engineering Perspective

As engineers, we don’t just build things. We touch the lives of others every day – by providing the roads they walk on, homes they live in and smart devices they use to communicate with one another. Being able to balance the relationship between people, purpose and the planet can be considered one of the greatest challenges we have to overcome throughout the course of our work in order to truly create sustainable development.

Meet Dr Hossein Rezai-Jorabi, who rose to the challenge and became the first engineering designer to win the President Designer Award in 2016. As founder of Web Structures, he is a pioneer of “fusion engineering” that fuses design sensitivity with cost consciousness to develop the most cost-effective structures. His deep understanding of structural behaviour and systems has also allowed him to manipulate structural form and expression to create seamless harmony with aesthetic and functional intent.

Join us in this rare opportunity brought to you by NCEEA and NTUC to hear from Dr Hossein in person!

Here are some projects that demonstrates Dr Hossein’s ability to innovate and deliver outstanding creative solutions:

  • Tokio Marine Centre where he deployed the concept of external columns creating an exoskeleton structure to support the building’s load.
  • Assyafaah Mosque where he employed a reinforced concrete arched-frame to create a column-free prayer hall.
  • Ardmore Residence where he developed an interlocking system to create cantilevered sheer walls staggered across the height of the tower to produce its distinctive folding and interlocking façade.

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