CSR Seminar in Media, Advertising & Entertainment

Hong Kong, Tuesday 7 May 2013

CSR Asia and The Media Alliance Present

The CSR practices and polices of the Media, Advertising and Entertainment Sectors in Asia

The Asia-Pacific Media Alliance for Social Awareness (The Media Alliance) and CSR Asia are organising a one-day seminar on “The CSR practices and policies of the Media, Advertising and Entertainment Sectors in Asia” in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

The event will look at best policies and practices of media companies in giving visibility to social, humanitarian, environmental and sustainable development issues through programming content and social issue and public service advertising.

Media companies can be more than just entities that provide products and services. They have the potential to be vehicles and mediums for positive change among the audiences they reach – as a result of their own values and commitment to a more sustainable future.  At a time when corporations are increasingly held accountable and at a time when CSR is good practice for business, what are the CSR practices and polices of the Media, Advertising and Entertainment Sectors in Asia? Why is this sector relevant to us all?

Session 1 — Advertising – The Role and Responsibility of Agencies

Advertising in and of itself is a USD450 billion a year industry. And that’s before the revenue from merchandise sales are factored in. But of that figure, less than 1% is spent on social advertising. And yet advertising shapes the consumption, values and behaviors of billions of consumers, fueling the consumption cycles of natural resources and the generation of vast amounts of waste. The advertising industry is an enabler of the cycle of consumption and waste. So, what is the corporate social responsibility of the advertising sector? What role do they deliver and how do they demonstrate CSR themselves?

Session 2 — Media Companies – Social Issue Advertising:

On the one hand, it’s easy for media companies to apply core competencies to CSR. They are in the best possible position to reach mass audiences and promote social issue awareness. And many of them often do. What are some of the best and most effective campaigns currently running, initiated and led by the media companies off their backs, without prompting from third parties?

Session 3 — Media Companies – Core Competencies, Sustainable Development, Public Sector and Civil Society:

It’s not all about media space and content. Media, Advertising and Entertainment companies have other core competencies that lend to sustainability. From providing emergency warning systems for natural disasters and national security, to enhancing electronic communications in reducing carbon emissions and the consumption of natural resources, to protecting the rights of journalists and the transparency and accountability of both public and private sector. What role do media companies deliver on CSR through their core competencies other serving as the mouthpiece for their own causes and those of third parties?

Session 4 – Private-sector Partnerships with Media, Advertising and Entertainment


Many companies have employed tactics to reflect sensitivity to cultural, social, religious and racial diversity, environmental preservation, gender equality and other issues. From Benneton to Body Shop to Nike, these companies have positioned themselves as beacons of progressive ideals. But to what extent are these marketing tactics genuine reflections of the corporate culture and not merely ‘blue-washing’ or ‘green-washing’? We hear from corporate representatives on these communications and marketing tactics.

Session 5 — Partnering with Media, Advertising and Entertainment – Examples from the public secor and civil society – MLIs, NGOs, CSOs

Social issue advertising and communication for development are crucial activities for development agencies, multi-lateral institutions, non-governmental and civil society organizations. But they often lack budgets and are limited in the extent to which they can sustain audience outreach. Collaboration with media companies, advertising agencies and private sector CSR are measures employed to build visibility of sustainable development issues.

Session 6 — Media Companies – Responsible Reporting:

It is also the media’s corporate social responsibility to accurately report social and sustainable development issues in a balanced, informed manner in such a way that stakeholders are not unfairly misrepresented. What are the opportunities for private-sector companies to work with media in CSR?

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Amanda Yang
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