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CSR Masterclass (Hong Kong)


Yau Ma Tei Hong Kong

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CSR Masterclass is a two day course that trains present and future professionals and decision-makers to:

  • Understand the different aspects of CSR with the aim to make it practical in different strategic and operational environments in emerging markets, especially the BRIC countries
  • Master CSR best practices, sustainable development decision-making tools and analytical instruments used or likely to be used by institutions across the world
  • Promote CSR skills of individuals therefore make the concept even more widespread than it is today
  • Make the concept of CSR applicable in private and public institutions, professionals in private companies, public sectors, NGOs, international organizations and governments who are or would like to be involved in CSR. Course is two consecutive days.


Day One: Integrating Social and Organizational Values

  • Making the business case for social responsibility by calculating costs and benefits
  • Recognizing the links between the welfare of society and the success of the organization
  • Examining opportunities designed to benefit the organization as well as the community
  • Integrating corporate social responsibility best practices into key business areas
  • Identifying and managing the positive and negative impacts of business activities on society

Day One Continued: Driving Social Responsibility Throughout the Organization

  • Aligning social responsibility strategies and goals with organizational objectives
  • Embedding CSR within the business culture to sustain the strategy over the long term
  • Building CSR expertise through hiring and partnerships
  • Integrating social responsibility metrics into general performance management systems
  • Disseminating information on CSR policies throughout the organization
  • Demonstrating how CSR practices continue to affect individuals and departments
  • Communicating the impact of social responsibility to capital markets, shareholders, and other stakeholders

Day Two: Managing Risk and Decision Making

  • Evaluating complex environments and potential impacts before investing capital or making business decisions
  • Interacting successfully with governments, NGOs, and stakeholders
  • Decentralizing CSR to allow for local differences and optimizations across the organization
  • Identifying current vulnerabilities and predicting future pitfalls related to business practices
  • Developing preparation and prevention processes for handling crisis scenarios
  • Integrating CSR initiatives in vendor and supplier agreements.

Price: $990/attendee

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Daniel Rakers
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Asia Pacific's Hub For Collaboration On Sustainable Development
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