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Corporate net-zero: decarbonising value chains


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Future Energy Week, a global gateway for energy transition business opportunities, is glad to announce the “Corporate Net-Zero. Decarbonizing Value Chains” event on October 7th, 2021.

The event will feature Global Heads of Sustainability and Supply Chain Senior Executives of some of the world’s biggest companies who have pioneered their supply chain sustainability programs in the last decade and achieved significant results.

During the event, they will share their case studies, results, and vision on the decarbonization of their value chains even further by setting ambitious net-zero and even carbon-negative targets for the next decades.

The event will start with a panel discussion featuring four Heads of Sustainability from some of the global decarbonization pioneers: Signify, Novo Nordisk, AB InBev, and Continental AG, moderated by the CEO of the Energy Industries Council Stuart Broadley. The panel will be followed by detailed presentations of value chain case studies.

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