Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies

Tackling climate change – Mitigation and adaptation strategies

To minimise the impacts of climate change, we’ll need to embark on a combination of deep decarbonisation and adaptation projects. Engineering plays a key role on both sides of this equation.

Join us for this webinar where Marc Allen (Technical Director, engeco) and Stéphanie Groen (Director Coastal and Climate Change - Asia, Aurecon) will discuss how we can mitigate the challenges climate change present through reduction and removal of emissions and how we can adapt to the future impacts of climate change (with a particular focus on coastal protection and blue carbon projects).

Climate change mitigation

This presentation will explore large scale emissions reduction opportunities to get on the path of deep decarbonisation. This includes discussion on electrification, renewable energy and energy storage, use of hydrogen and carbon capture. Technologies to remove greenhouse gas emissions will also be discussed. With these in place, we’ll be able to see the path forward to achieving negative emissions long term.

Climate change adaptation

In addition to mitigation efforts, we will also need to be prepared to adapt to some of the impacts of climate change that we are already seeing. In this part of the discussion, we’ll be looking at some of the different types of adaptation projects we’ll need to implement in years to come - focussing on coastal protection and on blue carbon projects.

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