China Green Aluminium Summit 2023

China Green Aluminium Summit 2023

The aluminium industry is a highly energy-intensive industry, mainly including aluminium ore mining, alumina production, electrolytic aluminium production and aluminium processing.

China has come to account for more than half of global output in primary aluminium. However, compared with international advanced aluminium manufacturers, the carbon emission intensity per unit of primary aluminium of Chinese manufacturers is three times of EU’s aluminium emission intensity, and 1.11 times the global average emission intensity, which leads to higher energy costs. With the acceleration of China’s “dual carbon” goal, “green aluminium” will be the trend in the future.

China Green Aluminium Summit 2023 will focus on the development of the aluminium industry under the “dual carbon” goal, combine best cases and practice sharing, discuss the development path and latest technologies of the green aluminium industry, and strive to create a green and sustainable aluminium industry to accelerate the goal of “carbon neutrality”.

Selected topics

  • Benchmark Method of China’s Electrolytic Aluminum Sector under the National Carbon Emission Trading Market
  • Aluminium Industry’s Approach to Net Zero
  • Best Practice: Accelerating the Green Transition for Aluminium Net-Zero Emission
  • From Smelter to Foundry, How to Maximise Green Aluminium Production by Advanced Solutions
  • Low-Carbon Aluminium Development Focused on Upstream Value Chain
  • Panel Discussion: “Double Carbon” Goal: Challenges and Opportunities for Aluminium Industry
  • Efficient Green Aluminium Electrolysis Technology Paves the Way to Decarbonisation
  • Inert Anode Technology Leads a New Era for Aluminium Industry
  • Cutting Edge Gas Solutions for Higher Productivity Across Green Aluminium Process Chain
  • How to Adopt Renewable Hydrogen for Decarbonizing Refining Process
  • New Energy’s Support to Green and Low Carbon Aluminium Industry Development
  • Closed-loop Recycling System: A Suitability Commitment for Decarbonisation

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