China Digital Talent Summit 2024

China Digital Talent Summit 2024

Against the background of ever-changing technology and the growing importance of digital transformation in various industries, accelerating the cultivation of digital talents and creating a mature and advanced digital talent ecosystem is the focus of enterprise development nowadays. At the same time, digital technology is an important means to achieve sustainable development of enterprises, ESG is also a necessary strategy for long-term development of enterprises, and composite talents with both capabilities are of great significance for long-term development of enterprises.

This summit discusses the recruitment of digital talents, the construction of career development channels, the design of compensation and incentive systems, the training and development of digital talents, the integration of business and human resources, the demand for digital and ESG composite people and other important issues, providing forward-looking and practical suggestions for the digital talent strategy of enterprises.

The 4th China Digital Talent Summit 2024 will bring together 120+ talent management and technology experts and executives from well-known enterprises at home and abroad to analyse talent management, technological change, corporate strategy, future trends and other perspectives, and to explain how digital talents can help digitalisation and the requirements of digitalisation on talents. So as to build an advanced and mature digital talent system, better serve the future development of enterprises, and gain a head start in the wave of digitalisation.


The summit will be held in person and online.

Simultaneous interpretation (mutual translation between Chinese and English) is provide.

Hot topics

  • HR Digital Transformation Pathway
  • How Digital Talent Management Can Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency
  • Main Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Talent Management in Automotive Industry
  • Digital Talents Build Competitive Digital Retail Strategies
  • Digital Transformation Requires an Agile and Flexible Human Resource Management Strategy
  • How to Effectively Fill the AI Talent Gap
  • The New Era of Digital Talent Recruitment Operations


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