China Corporate Renewable Electricity Summit 2023

China Corporate Renewable Electricity Summit 2023

Global climate issues are increasingly evident, driving the demand for sustainable development and the widespread adoption of clean, renewable energy sources. In China, green power plays a vital role in achieving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

The government has implemented policies and plans to promote green power, including incentivizing renewable energy generation and establishing clean energy infrastructure. This summit aims to accelerate the transition to green With the theme of “Energy Management and Carbon Trading Market under Double-Carbon Target”, this summit will provide valuable information and technical guidance for enterprises in realizing carbon neutrality goal and low carbon transition planning by inviting government agencies, industry experts, enterprise executives from industrial manufacturing, energy, chemical industry, automobile, iron and steel and other fields to conduct practical cases sharing in terms of policy planning, standards, latest development situation, enterprise practice, supply chain construction, energy transformation, low-carbon technology solutions of carbon neutrality and carbon trading and how digitisation can help carbon neutrality and other hot topics, so as to make them understand the latest trends and challenges of the industry more clearly and seize the opportunities and manage the adjustment.

This summit will gather government agencies, industry experts, and executives from sectors like industrial manufacturing, energy, chemicals, and automotive. It will focus on practical case studies and discussions related to green power policies, planning, standards, recent developments, corporate practices, supply chain development, energy transition, and green technology solutions. The goal is to provide valuable information and technical guidance to businesses in their journey towards green power transformation, enabling them to better understand the latest industry trends and challenges, seize opportunities, and adapt accordingly.

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