Carbon Offset Course- Online

This course is offered once-a-week over four weeks, from 19:00 to 21:30

Remove the mystery and uncertainty of carbon offsets and their relevance to your business. Why do it, when to do it, what to buy, how much to spend and how to purchase all need clear answers.

What is the difference between a carbon offset priced at $25 and another that Is priced at $2?

What’s the difference between a VER offset and a CER offset?

Your carbon offset purchasing strategy should be fully considered, assessed and linked to a range of strategic drivers and targeted organisational objectives. The consequences of a carbon offsets purchase can have ramifications for the entire business. It shokuld be a fully informed process for managing risks and aligning outcomes.

Learn how to source, evaluate and purchase carbon offsets in this applied and nationally accredited 4-evening online course.

Course Program

Prior to beginning class you will receive a pre-course guide to help fuel discussion and aid learning outcomes in Session 1.

The online sessions will take place in the evenings from 7.30 till 9pm for 4 weeks.

Online Sessions 1 & 2: Market Based Response to Climate Change

  • Climate science and the carbon cycle
  • What is a carbon offset? Concept of tradable instrument
  • Carbon Farming Initiative
  • The Clean Development Mechanism
  • Who are the carbon players?
  • The role of carbon credit in compliance markets
  • Voluntary carbon standards (VCS, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo and others)
  • The role of carbon standards in a voluntary market
  • Exploring the various types of carbon offsets
  • ACCUs (Australian Carbon Credit Units) and approved methodologies and issues
  • The place of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) (and GreenPower) and Energy Saving Schemes in Australia, and the carbon impact.

Online Sessions 3 & 4: A Market Focus

  • Regulatory frameworks - Carbon Pricing Mechanism (Emissions Trading Scheme or tax)
  • Linkages between emissions trading schemes, function and impact on liquidity and dynamics
  • The voluntary market, scope
  • OTC and exchange traded markets for carbon offsets
  • The role of registries
  • Offsets to suit your organisation as a consumer - National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS)
  • Concept of ‘fit’ with organisational goals, price, location, type, methodology, carbon standard
  • Source compliance and voluntary offsets - retiring carbon offsets

During the 2-day course you will engage in discussions on sourcing, evaluating and purchasing offsets.  You will work in groups to complete various exercises from analysing schemes to setting organisational offset criteria, selecting suitable offsets, finding providers, obtaining quotes and performing simulated purchases.

As this short course is based on an accredited unit of the Certificate IV in Carbon Management once you complete the course workbooks you can obtain a certificate of competence which can be used towards gaining a Cert III or Cert IV in Carbon Management.

You Will Learn

• What offsets represent 
• How offsets work within a market based response to climate change
• Who the carbon players are
• The various project types of carbon offsets
• Carbon standards
• Methodologies
• Carbon offset project development cycle
• Trading in carbon offsets
• Distinguishing between carbon offsets
• Pricing offsets
• How to select offsets
• How to source offsets

Why You Should Undertake This Course

Developing a thorough understanding of carbon offsets is daunting and time consuming. It’s not only complicated to the inexperienced, there are risks associated ranging from mis-information to dealing with unreliable and untrustworthy suppliers.

Purchasing carbon offsets can also be linked to strategic consequences that require careful consideration. Beyond the financial risks, purchasing the wrong offsets could have brand damage implications.
As the compliance market in Australia comes into operation there are also new rules, guidelines and compliance obligations that must be understood, supported and addressed. Much of which is still being bedded down by authorities and regulators and needs to be understood.

An organisation committed to becoming carbon neutral will inevitably need to offset their remaining carbon emissions through offsets. Making the decision on what offset projects to be associated with and where to purchase offsets is an important one that that needs to be fully informed and considered. Developing this knowledge understanding is a focus of this course.

Who Should Attend

General Managers
Risk Managers
Carbon Managers
Procurement Managers
Financial Advisors
Brokers & Traders
Sustainability Officers
Small Business Owners
Lawyers & Solicitors
Individuals involved in carbon neutral accreditation
Aspiring Carbon Professionals


$654 (GST Free) Course Only

$754 (GST Free) Course with assessment and Certificate of Attainment*

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Robert Nicholls
[javascript protected email address]

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