Carbon 101: Understanding emission to it's impact to your organisation

Climate change introduction

  • High level introduction to climate change and climate science
  • Historical emissions and temperatures
  • Physical impacts in recent years

Policy responses

  • The UNFCCC and global response
  • National policies
  • Singapore’s climate and energy policies

Measurement and forecasting of emissions

  • Emissions scopes
  • Reporting frameworks
  • Compliance reporting vs. voluntary reporting
  • Scope 3 emissions reporting
  • Forecasting future emissions

Decarbonisation pathways

  • Abatement vs. offsets
  • Typical abatement opportunities
  • Role of offsets and RECs
  • Sources of finance

GHG management

  • Difference between GHG management and climate change strategy
  • Setting emissions reduction targets and roadmaps
  • Tracking progress

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