Building a Sustainable Supply Chain in 2016

Together with PASA - A conference event for both procurement managers and CSR managers with new responsibilities on the supply side.

Worried about hidden risks in your supply chain?

No organisation can be truly sustainable if its supply chain contains companies who abuse their workers, damage the environment, or act corruptly in their business dealings.

Scrutiny on supply chains is increasing. Business leaders are painfully aware of the potentially massive brand reputational damage, and share price shocks, that can come after high profile supply chain disasters.

Recent examples such as the Bangladesh factory collapse killing over 1,000 people, the Sherrin footballs stitched by child labourers, and slaves freed from ZARA’s principal supplier have illustrated the real cost of potentially massive brand reputational damage to very popular high-street brand names.

Since 2013, the new United Nations-backed Global Reporting Initiative guidelines demand that sustainability reports now include details of that organisation’s supply chain as well as their own activities and standards.

Likewise, major public sector jurisdictions are committing a percentage of spend to the SME sector, or to locally based suppliers, or are boycotting certain countries or regions for sourcing goods.

So, how do we know that our supply chains are free of modern slavery? That what we buy is actually what we get? That the workers making our phones are afforded basic human rights that we take for granted? That local communities near our supplier’s factories do not suffer?

This event will engage and enlighten both sides of the management team – the people who will have to work together to sanitise our increasingly complex supply networks – for everyone’s benefit.

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