Blockchain in agriculture and food industry

AIT Extension is pleased to invite the application for the online training course on “Blockchain in Agriculture and Food Industry”.

This programme will be conducted from 7 - 18 December 2020.

For more information and registration pls. visit


The usual agricultural practices will not be able to feed the World, as demand for agricultural products increases while agricultural land remains limited. In many ways today’s agricultural practices are inefficient, with irrigation wasting an estimated 80-90per cent of the water used and about 40per cent of farms globally overuse fertilisers and chemicals, leading to harmful effects on soil and water quality, and consequently yield per unit area.

Digital Technologies (DTs) can tackle many food production and distribution challenges, such as low productivity, high transaction costs, limited use of inputs and minimal commercialisation. Keeping in mind that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (i.e., emergence of ICT or DTs) is behind the disruption in all sectors and industries, agriculture, one of the oldest industries in human history, is also evolving more rapidly than ever.

Smart farming technology is a technological solution that aims to create highly added value by integrating existing agricultural technologies with cutting-edge ICT solutions including Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Drone Technology.

AIT Extension Program on Digital Disruption in Agriculture and Food Industry will be a set of independent as well as interconnected training courses (online, face2face, blended), which have been designed to equip you with better understanding, required knowledge and skills on Digital Disruption in Agriculture & Food Industry.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain a solid understanding of core concepts of Digital Agricultural Technology (DAT) and ICT in agriculture with real world cases.
  • Acquire knowledge of the forward-looking technologies and their scope in agriculture – artificial intelligence, remote sensing, crowdsourcing, and big data analytics.
  • Learn about precision farming tools and digital tools enhancing on-farm productivity.
  • Understand how to empower smallholder farmers through ICT/Digital Tools in market access and financial services.

Target audience:

  • Agriculturists, Practitioners, Decisionmakers/Policymakers and Development Partners.
  • Those with a responsibility or interest in the intersection of ICT, digital tools and agriculture across the world.
  • No prior background in DAT is required.

Fee and registration:

300 USD per person per course.

Interested participants are requested to communicate or send queries for the Deadline for Registration, Group Registration Fee with/without Credit Card Payment followed by Normal Registration Fee with onsite payment and bank transfer options.

Training platform:

  • AIT Share
  • AIT Moodle
  • ZOOM
  • Online Collaboration Software (for brainstorm, groupwork)
  • Virtual Field/Laboratory Visits and Demonstrations.


Professors and Researchers from AIT, Professionals and Practitioners from International Organisations and Relevant Companies/Industries.


Successful Candidate will be awarded with Certificate (attendance & completion) and Transcript.

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