Biodiversity loss - why your investment portfolio is at risk

Biodiversity loss is a global risk to the economy and society. Many questions are being raised about its connection with the current Covid-19 crisis. Ecosystem services are worth US$ 125-140 trillion per year – more than 1.5 times of global GDP.

Yet according to the OECD, between 1997 and 2011, the world lost an estimated US$ 4-20 trillion per year to land cover change, including deforestation, and US$ 6-11 trillion per year to land degradation.

Join The Future of Sustainable Data Alliance for a webinar on Wednesday 27 May 2020, where we will discuss the economic impact of biodiversity loss, and how to leverage data to create a more sustainable investment portfolio.

Speakers include:

  • Robin Smale, Director, Vivid Economics
  • Ladislas Smia, Co-head of Responsible Investment Research, Mirova
  • Julia Walker, Head of Government and Industry Affairs, Sustainable Finance and Risk, Refinitiv

Time: 9:30am BST / 4:30pm SGT

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