Asia Green Packaging Innovation Summit

Asia Green Packaging Innovation Summit

Packaging waste management is no longer just a trend but a key strategic pillar for the industries in Asia. What are consumers in Asia concerned about green packaging? What unresolved challenges are we facing in packaging sustainability?

In this summit, we will discuss the regulations and market trends of packaging sustainability in Asia, share the sustainable value chain of packaging, probe into the application of advanced materials, explore sustainable packaging technology and printing technology, and discuss how to promote the integration of industry and digital technology, drive the zero-carbon reform of packaging industry, so as to improve the implementation of sustainable development strategy, promote packaging R&D innovation and product differentiation, strengthen the packaging value chain and promote brand establishment and marketing of the enterprise.

Summit details

September 27-28, 2022 in Singapore


  • 20 + Industry-leading enterprise intelligence sharing
  • 100 + Participants
  • On-site networking with industry leaders and leading-edge enterprises
  • Best case studies of supply chain for resilience, agility and sustainability in Asia

Hot topics

  • Regulations for Minimizing and Managing Packaging Waste in Asia
  • Sustainability in Packaging: Consumer Views in Emerging Asia
  • Asia Flexible Packaging Market Performance in the Post-pandemic era and Prospects to 2025 and beyond
  • A Life-cycle Approach to Sustainable Packaging
  • Low Carbon Supply Chain for Packaging Sustainability
  • How to Promote Renewable and Responsible Sourcing of Packaging
  • Green Degradable Materials Help the Packaging Sustainable Development
  • Circular Economy Transition of Plastic Packaging Drives Carbon Neutral and Resource Efficiency in Cosmetics Industry
  • Panel Discussion: Drive toward Packaging Sustainability through the Value Chain

Official website of the summit

Contacts: Wes Wei

Tel: +86 -21 - 8026 0707 ext 803

Phone: 13271915990 (WeChat)


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