Applied Energy Efficiency- Online Masterclass

This course runs from 19:30 - 21:00 over 4 sessions.

This short course is based on 1 of the 12 accredited units which make up the Certificate IV in Carbon Management.
CTICM303A: Evaluate Carbon Reduction and Renewable Energy Options

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the sources and types of energy used within the workplace, community facility and home
  • How to overcome the barriers to energy efficiency adaptation
  • Identify energy demand and supply efficiency opportunities in the workplace
  • Develop solutions to improve energy efficiency productivity
  • Evaluate the business and community benefits associated with different energy efficiency projects
  • Implement energy efficiency opportunities
  • Understand and interpret energy efficiency product guidelines
  • Calculate running costs and project costs for energy efficiency opportunities to establish a cost/benefit analysis
  • Use models for financial assessment and business case development (e.g. Payback, IRR, NPV)
  • Employ workplace strategies to performance-manage business outcomes
  • Prepare reports and effectively communicate energy efficiency recommendations and outcomes

Why you should undertake this course

Energy costs are on the rise with projected forecasts in the order of 30%-50% over the next 2 years. Identifying energy efficiency opportunities in the workplace and home are critical in avoiding the mounting cost pressures that rising energy prices will bring.

Energy efficiency is one of the key initiatives for the abatement of carbon emissions and the transition to the low-carbon economy that legislation is now in place for.

Energy efficiency offers businesses numerous opportunities to improve operational and financial performance by mitigating against energy risks including price increases and exposure to a carbon price e.g. carbon tax. 

Energy efficiency expertise is a part of the new generation of green skills that form part of the new mix of green-collar jobs transforming the Australian labour market on which new job opportunities and careers will be built.

Online Tutorial Sessions 1 & 2 - Demand Efficiencies and Barriers

  • Global and Australian energy consumption in context
  • Policy and Regulatory Response
  • Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Link
  • Demand Efficiency - Behavioural Changes
  • Behavioural Change Case Studies
  • Barriers to Energy Efficiency
  • Demand Efficiency - Infrastructure Changes
  • Infrastructure Change Case Studies
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Lighting - demonstration
  • Green Procurement

Online Tutorial Sessions 3 & 4 - Supply Efficiencies and Business Case

  • What is Supply Efficiency
  • Forms of Renewable Energy
  • Solar PV Installation Case Study
  • Co-Generation - including case study
  • Financial Evaluation and Performance Measures
  • Performance Management - Targets and Continuous Improvement
  • Prioritising Projects - Developing an Energy Efficiency Roadmap
  • Co-Benefits of Energy Efficiency Initiatives

On top of this 4-evening online course you can elect to complete a series of workbook exercises on energy efficiency opportunities and have them assessed in order to obtain a Certificate of Attainment which can go towards either a Certificate III or Certificate IV qualification in Carbon Management. you can arrange this extra assessment with your course instructor once the course begins. The cost of this extra assessment is AUD$100. 

You will be taken through 7 case studies (4 demand and 3 supply efficiency initiatives) to contextualise the course content and assess relevance and applicability of different projects.

This course is applicable to both the workplace, community facility and the household. As preparation for the course you will be asked to gather real energy consumption data from your workplace, community facility or home to use in the class excercises and tasks, therefore maximising the course outcomes. Guidelines for the collection of energy data are supplied in the pre-course guide.

Who should attend?

If you are responsible for, or interested in, energy consumption and identification of energy savings in your workplace, community facility or home but need the knowledge, skills and experience to successfully identify energy efficiency opportunities and achieve significant energy cost savings you should attend this course.

This course is especially relevant to the following positions and job functions:

  • Facilities and asset managers in private and public sector e.g. schools, hospitals, councils
  • IT managers
  • Operations managers
  • Small business owners
  • Property managers
  • Finance and business analysts
  • Procurement and supply chain managers


$654 (GST Free) Course Only

$754 (GST Free) Course with assessment and Certificate of Attainment*

*Participants wishing to gain a Certificate of Attainment for this course will need to complete a series of workbooks and have them formally assessed. The cost of this is $100 additional to the course fee and can be arranged during the course.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Robert Nicholls
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