9th Vietnam Textile Summit 2024

9th Vietnam Textile Summit 2024

Net zero in the textile industry has garnered widespread attention in today’s society, and low-carbon transformation and technological development have become key focal points.

According to Cong Thuong (Industry& Trade) newspaper, Textile and garment businesses in Vietnam are taking steps to switch to green production to meet partners’ demand and achieve sustainable development. Greening textile and garment production chains is currently a global trend that is compulsory for businesses to achieve sustainability.

It is also a requirement placed on manufacturers as the EU, which imports over 4 billion USD worth of textiles and garments from Vietnam annually, has proposed the imposition of some eco-regulations on imports. The adoption of the EU Sustainable and Circular Textiles Strategy significantly impacts textile production in Vietnam.

Promoting low-carbon transformation is inevitable and requires active measures at every stage of the entire industry chain, not only for retail companies to achieve net zero in their end products.

By introducing new technological advancements and promoting clean production, improving energy efficiency, the textile industry can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, gradually working towards sustainable goals. At the same time, strengthening supply chain collaboration and transparency, and promoting carbon footprint disclosure are also crucial for driving the sustainable development of the entire industry chain.

Based on the background of green transformation, this summit will focus on how Vietnam’s textile industry promotes sustainable development. We will invite relevant policy regulatory authorities, brands, retailers, textile manufacturers, material suppliers, non-governmental organisations, consulting companies, and sustainable solution companies to share and exchange practical methods.

About ECV International

ECV International is a leading organiser of high-end international events of all sizes with 100+ experts on industry research, event planning and management. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and personalised service for each and every event.

ECV International has successfully held eight consecutive Vietnam Textile Summits. As the most influential event in Vietnam’s textile industry, each summit brings together industry elites, experts, scholars and business leaders from around the world to discuss the latest developments, market trends and future development of the textile industry.
The successful holding of the eighth summit not only witnessed the vigorous development of Vietnam’s textile industry, but also highlighted Vietnam’s important position in the global textile industry.

At this year’s summit, we will continue to uphold the fine tradition of inviting top experts, scholars and business leaders in the industry to give speeches. They will share with you the latest technological breakthroughs, market strategies and industry development trends to help you gain insight into the future of the industry.
We sincerely invite you to join us again to witness the grand occasion of The 9th Vietnam Textile Summit 2024. Let us work together to explore the infinite possibilities of the textile industry!

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