5th China Powertrain Electrification and Innovation Summit 2022

5th China Powertrain Electrification and Innovation Summit 2022

With the accelerated development of the global new energy vehicle industry, the electrification of vehicles has become an inevitable trend, and the market share of new energy vehicles (including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles) is also expanding.

Of the 1.09 million vehicles sold last year, 750,000 pure electric vehicles (BEVs) were sold, an annual increase of 153 per cent, while 340,000 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) were sold, an annual increase of 128 per cent.

The powertrain technology of new energy vehicles, as the core technology of electrification, has great room for progress in energy efficiency improvement, motor material innovation, and intelligent network connection of the powertrain control system. It is the joint goal of the automotive industry to collaborate with the upstream and downstream of the industry to jointly build an efficient and green powertrain system for electric vehicles.

The 5th China Powertrain Electrification and Innovation Summit 2022 will bring together about 150 domestic and foreign technical experts and business executives of new energy vehicle powertrain to discuss the latest technology and development trend in powertrain electrification and hybridization. By participating in this summit, you will be able to communicate face-to-face with renowned experts and executives in the industry, get market information, grasp the latest intelligence and seize the opportunities for powertrain electrification development.

Selected topics

  • The Latest Global Technology Progress of Powertrain Electrification
  • Pure Electric Powertrain System Research and Development
  • ORA Ballet Cat - High Efficient Electric Vehicle Powertrain Architecture
  • How GaN Solves E. Drive Main Challenges
  • Development and Application of EV Powertrain Electronics Control Under the Trend of Intelligent Connection
  • Embrace A Cleaner Mobility, for a Clean Future
  • Challenges and Strategies for Power Batteries Under the Background of “Double Carbon”
  • Effective EV Thermal Management System Improves Driving Safety, and Maximize Energy Efficiency
  • Panel discussion: Current Status and Future Technology Trends in the Powertrain Industry under the Carbon Neutrality Background
  • EV Powertrain Supply Chain’s New Requirements and Challenges

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